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man in white dress shirt sitting beside woman in black long sleeve shirt
man in white dress shirt sitting beside woman in black long sleeve shirt

Welcome to Performance Collateral Services LTD. We are a strong and proven business devoted to providing risk management solutions, collateral support for different transactions in different global markets. We operate internationally with over twenty five different institutions asisting our makets agents worldwide.

All lenders are striving to be more productive while improving their risk management tools and business efficiency. Commerce Collateral Services helps entrepeneur to provide bank guarantees, collateral support, wind park dismantling performance bond, port duty free performance bond, sport performance bond, import export custom bonds, among others.

We specialised tailor making your collateral solution, leasing it, purchasing or other possible solution. Our expertise is to make your transaction to positively happen

What is a performance Bond?

A performance bond is a specific type of surety bond that guarantees to the project owner, or obligee, that the contractor’s work will meet their contractual obligation. In other words, the work will be completed per the terms and conditions of the contract. If a general contractor is requiring a performance bond from a subcontractor, it’s the same principle, but ensuring that the sub-contractor will fufill their contractual obligations.

Wind Farm dismantling - New Construction roads - Airports Construction - Rail Roads - Shopping Mall Constructions - Public Work Projects - Special Taxes Bond - Mining - Financials - Among Others.

What is a Bid Bond?

Bid bonds are a type of construction bond that protects the owner of a project or general contractor during the construction bidding process. What the bid bond guarantees is that you, as the bidder, will compensate the project owner if you fail to enter into the contract and provide any required performance and payment bonds.

A bid bond usually involves three entities: the obligee, the surety, and the principal. The obligee is the owner or general contractor of a construction project, the principal is the contractor, and the surety is the bond company that issues the bid bond to the contractor.

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